10 Action Chinese Dramas That Will Make You Excited

10 Action Chinese Dramas That Will Make You Excited
10 Action Chinese Dramas That Will Make You Excited

10 Chinese Action Dramas That Will Make You Excited: The action genre is one of the many popular genres in films. It is a genre that offers not only the storyline but also some footage that shows dangerous actions. The dramas enlisted within 10 Chinese Action Dramas below might make you shake your head, prepared to get amazed.

10 Action Chinese Dramas That Will Make You Excited

Princes Agent

Genre: Action, History, and Drama

Released: June 5, 2017

Casts: Zanila Zhao, Kenny Lin, Shawn Dou, Li Qin

10 Action Chinese Dramas: Slavery in North Wei is a common thing; sometimes, people get kidnapped and distributed to the slavery market; Chu Qiao is one of the women. One day, Chu Qiao and other slaves are taken to a forest to target a hunter game. A Prince of North Yan named Yan Xun saves Chu Qiao and takes her to Yuwen’s family.

When Chu Qiao gets to Yuwen’s family place, she sees the carnage, which makes her promise to save the one she loves and get out of this situation. Chu Qiao swears that she will make Yuwen Yue paid the price for what Yuen Yu has done.

Reunion: Sound of Providence

Genre: Action, Adventure, and Mystery

Released: July 15, 2020

Casts: Zu Yi long, Chen Ming Hao, Huang Jun Jie, Rachel Mao

10 Action Chinese Dramas: Wu Xie, Wang Pang Zi, and Zhang Qiling received a peculiar message from their uncle, Wu San Xing. The message is coming after several years of their retirement, yet Wu Xie, Pang Zi, and Zhang Qiling have been waiting for this time. The purpose of the journey is to protect and take care of the people they love and their family.

The Lost Tomb 2

Genre: Action, Adventure, and Mystery

Released: June 16, 2019

Casts: Neo Hou, Cheng Yi, Zhang Bo Yu, Li Man

10 Action Chinese Dramas: Wu Xie, a member of the tomb raiders family, owns a store that sells antique stuff. This business is like a legacy for the family of Tomb Raiders. As Wu Xie continues the trade, he finds some treasures from the Warring state; simultaneously, Wu Xie gets a vision about the tragedy that fell upon his family in the past.

Relying on the notes of Wu Xie’s grandfather, Wu Xie sets a plan for a journey to find those treasures and seek to look for the one that must be responsible for the death of his family.

The Disguiser

Genre: Action, History, and Adventure

Released: August 31, 2015

Casts: Hugh Hu, Jin Dong, Wing Kai, Liu Min Tao, Angel Meng, Guo Xiao Feng

10 Action Chinese Dramas: Two undercover agents, Ming Tai and Ming Lou are under operation by the government from the Communist Party. Ming Tai and Ming Lou get assigned to tackle down the Japanese governor who colonializes Chinese territory.

The Whirlwind Girl 2

Genre: Action, Sports, and Romance

Released: July 20, 2016

Casts: Ji Chang Wook, An Yue Xi, Sean Chen, Seven Tan, Li Ze, Gavin Gao

10 Action Chinese Dramas: Qi Bai Cao is a martial art athlete who has won many competitions. Unfortunately, the tragic death of her mentor makes her depressed and nearly lost hope.

She thinks that her career is over because nobody will train and teach her to be a champion in any match forward. A moment after that tragedy, a mysterious man named Chang An comes to her. Moreover, Chang An is a talented fighter that might train her.


Genre: Action, Thriller, and Mystery

Released: April 14, 2020

Casts: Wang Kai, Liu Yi Jun, Angel Wang, Zhang Tao, Hu Jun

10 Action Chinese Dramas: Hunting tells about a skillful detective named Xia Yuan who is chasing an international criminal. Xia Yuan is teaming up with other police officers to arrest Wang Bolin behind this mega crime.

Wang Bolin, however, is a clever man who knows that Xia Yuan and his men are planning to stop him. So Wang Bolin decides to escape to another country; Xia Yuan’s team then plans to go after Wang Bolin, wherever he will go.

The Eight 

Genre: Action, War, and Drama

Released: June 12, 2020

Casts: Oho Ou, Seven Tan, Cici Wang, Qin Lan, Gong Wan Yi, Liu Jian Lu

10 Action Chinese Dramas: Hua Michu, a patriotic university student, gets involved in many fistfights. One day, Hua Michu receives a mysterious roll of paper that leads him to a meeting. Eight participants come into that meeting.

Hua Michu stand takes responsibility as a leader who organizes any movement of the group. Hua Michu realizes that the group’s purpose is to encourage people and unveil a big conspiracy in the country.

Storm Eye

Genre: Action and Thriller

Released: February 23, 2021

Casts: Yang Mi, Vin Zhang, Lawrence Wang, Wayne LiuDaisy Dai

10 Action Chinese Dramas: Ma Shang is an exceptional agent whose duty is protecting national security from foreign spies. Ma Shang notices that another big problem behind those spies is coming.

The spies are coming for one target, which is the lab research of Huading Group. Knowing the motive and target of the spies, Ma Shang gets teamed up with An Jing, an old friend whom Ma Shang hasn’t meet for ten years. Ma Shang and An Jing are running the investigation under the operation named Storm Eye.


Genre: Action, Adventure, and Mystery

Released: November 23, 2020

Casts: Neo Hou, Liu Dong Qin, Bambi Zhu

10 Action Chinese Dramas: Psych-Hunter begins the story with Qin Yiheng, who receives a mysterious letter that shows a count down of Jiang Shuo’s death. On the other hand, Qin Yiheng’s father is missing.

Qin Yiheng and Jiang Shuo decide to search Qin Yiheng’s father together. The signs that they have to lead them to a creepy house. Once Qin Yiheng and Jiang Shuo enter the house, there will be no way out until they won a deadly game. Unfortunately, Jiang Shuo finds out that one of them will be dead in that game.

The Rise of Phoenix

Genre: Action, Historical fiction, and Romance

Released: August 14, 2018

Casts: Chen Kun, Ni Ni, Zhao Lixin

10 Action Chinese Dramas: Feng Zhiwei is the daughter of the Qiu family, a family that gets expelled because of dishonest acts. Feng Zhiwei is a loyal warrior disguised as a man who always defends and protects the king.

However, the truth gets revealed; the king is the mind behind the carnage of the Qiu family. So Feng Zhiwei decides to take revenge for her family; she plans to kill the king and everyone involved, including her lover.  


It did not surprise me when each Action Chinese Dramas within the list got rated no less than 7.5 stars in IMDB or Netflix. The characters look natural, all confrontations feel real, and even the music they put or score drives audiences’ emotions to feel the same. All of the aspects are combined.

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