10 Comedy Chinese Dramas That Will Make You Laugh

10 Comedy Chinese Dramas That Will Make You Laugh
10 Comedy Chinese Dramas That Will Make You Laugh

The 10 Comedy Chinese Dramas That Will Make You Laugh: If you are interested in comedy-dramas, some of these Chinese dramas might be suitable for you. The 10 Comedy Chinese Dramas! that will make your day.

The 10 Comedy Chinese Dramas

Go Ahead 

Genre: Comedy, Romance, and Drama

Released: August 10, 2020

Casts: Seven Tan, Song Wei Long, Steven Zhang, Tu Song Yan

10 Comedy Chinese Dramas: Jian Jian, Ling Xiao, and Zi Qiu have been together for years. Their relationship among one and another is like brothers and sisters. Their togetherness ended when they graduated from high school, each of them comes back to their families.

It is like a new start for each of them to deal with any possible problem that they may find. Nine years go by, and they three unintendedly meet each other. This time, it is clear that Jian Jian, Ling Xiao, and Zi Qiu have changed their personality because of the problems they’ve been through in their life.

My Little Happiness

Genre: Comedy, Romance, and Drama

Released: January 13, 20021

Casts: Fair Xing, Daddi Tang, Huang Yi Lin, Leon Li

10 Comedy Chinese Dramas: My Little Happiness is a drama series that combines both comedy and romance within its story. Zhou Rong and Wen Shaoqing have been in friendship since they were kids. Zhou Rong determines herself to be a lawyer, but her mother disagrees with that plan and sends Zhou Rong to a foreign country to learn economics.

Zhou Rong does what her mother tells her to do, continuing her study and taking an economics major. However, Zhou Rong secretly goes back to her country and takes an internship in a law firm. Zhou Rong’s mother doesn’t know what Zhou Rong does, but her friend, Wen Shaoqing, knows what Zhou Rong does.

Don’t Think of Interrupting My Study.

Genre: Comedy, Romance, and Youth

Released: March 10, 2021

Casts: Landy Li, Edward Lai, Wang Run Ze, Bai Yu Fei

10 Comedy Chinese Dramas: Don’t Think of Interrupting My Study tells about Nan Xiangwan that gets worried because of her past when she was a student. Nan Xiangwan meets a psychiatrist to deal with her memory that bothers her a lot.

One day, Nan Xianhwan wakes up in her high school year and finds that everything she experienced is happening. This situation gives Nan Xiangwan has an entrance to deal with and solve the problems that prevent the dream Nan Xiangwan ever wants.

However, Nan Xiangwan’s way of thinking evolved when she meets Lin Xiaoran. Nan Xiangwan understands that a result is not the only thing that important, but keeping a positive mind is also matters.

My Mr. Mermaid

Genre: Comedy, Romance, and Youth

Released: July 30, 2017

Casts: Seven Tan, Dylan Xiong, Huang Sheng Chi, Wang Zi Xuan

10 Comedy Chinese Dramas: My Mr.Mermaid is portraying friendship and respect in a comedic way. Yi Bai, a talented high swimmer, gets sanctioned because of drugs to enhance his performance. Three years after that sanction, Yi Bai decides to back and row in swim competitions.

Yi Bai rents a flat in Yun Duo’s family to stay when the competition is coming. On the other hand, Yun Duo is a journalist that will be reporting that competition. So Yun Duo and Yi Bay become close friends who support each other in dealing with bad memories in the past.

Hello, My Youth

Genre: Comedy, School, and Drama

Released: January 11, 2021

Casts: Xiaojun, Roy Xie, Haru Lu, Bellamy, Cao Sai Ya

10 Comedy Chinese Dramas: Hello, My Youth is about high school students’ first year with unstable emotions and feelings. Students of a high school are trying to adapt to the new situation that they will be a part of it. Their acts are humorous, ridiculous, and sometimes too serious.

Make a Wish

Genre: Comedy, Romance, and Fantasy

Released: July 8, 2021

Casts: Ren You Lun, Gia Ge, Anna Hollen, Wang Tian Yu

10 Comedy Chinese Dramas: Make a Wish is a drama about Yu-Chi Yan, an anti-social young man who owns a book store. One day, Yu-Chi Yan unintentionally saves a cat from danger.

The cat, then, appears to be a young woman named Xiao Xiu and comes to Yu-Chi Yan. Xiao Xiu thanked Yu-Chi Yan for saving her life and said that she comes from a cat world. So, Xiao Xiu has to help Yu-Chi Yan if she wants to get back home. However, Yu-Chi Yan doesn’t have any wish to ask.

A Boy Named Flora A

Genre: Comedy, Drama, and Family

Released: May 26, 2017

Casts: Crowd Lu, Chen-Nan Tsai, Chu-Mei Fan, Cammy Chiang

10 Comedy Chinese Dramas: Zheng Hua Jia is a 28-year-old college student that lives with his family. One day, Zheng Hua’s grandmother died because of a severe illness she suffers.

At first, Zheng Hua believes that his grandma is still breathing, or Zheng Hua hopes that his grandma gets resurrected. However, this tragedy pushes Zheng Hua to grow up and start to take responsibility in his life.  

Please Love Me 

Genre: Comedy, Romance, and Drama

Released: December 23, 2019

Casts: Zhang Yu Jian, Xu Xiao Nuo, Kido Gao, Lu Zi Zhen

10 Comedy Chinese Dramas: Please love me is a drama that tells an unintended love of Pie-You and Yi Han. Pie-You is a nail artist that works for the entertainment industry, while Yi Han is a famous singer and celebrity that often becomes public attention. When Yi Han and Pie-You are on the same project, the paparazzi could not help to make news of it.

The news is even more extensive when it says that Yi Han and Pie-You are in a relationship. Yi Han is always trying to keep himself away from bad news or scandals. Then Yi Han decides to hire Pie-You to be his fake wife to avoid possible misleading news that may spread.

Hikaru No Go 

Genre: Comedy, Friendship, and Drama

Released: October 27, 2020

Casts: Hu Xian Xu, Juck Zhang, Hao Fu Shen, Zhai Guan Hua

10 Comedy Chinese Dramas: A soul that comes out from an old Go-board scares Shi Guang, the soul that comes out from that board is Chu Ying. Shi Guang realizes that Chu Ying can be his friend and even teaches Shi Guang to play Go.

Shi Guang and Chu Ying have a good friendship, upgrading Shi Gua’s ability to play Go. Shi Guang even could defeat the best Go player around him. However, shi Guang does not want to stop there; he wants to take himself to higher.


Genre: Comedy, Friendship, and Romance

Released: August 21, 2019

Casts: Allen Deng, Sandra Ma, Ni Hong Jie, Han Tong Sheng

10 Comedy Chinese Dramas: Mr. Fighting tells about Hao Ze Yu, a new celebrity that gets famous after winning a talent show competition. Unfortunately, the popularity hao Ze Yu has got does not last so long. Hao Ze Yu is nearly forgotten ten years after that show. However, Hao Ze Yu doesn’t want to see his career ends that soon.

Hao Ze Yu takes a second chance; he creates his agent to raise his name again. Hao Ze Yu gathers some people that live around him to run this plan. Though Hao Ze Yu knows nothing about the film or entertainment industry, Hao Ze Yu believes that his team will make him rise again. 


Most of the enlisted dramas in 10 Comedy Chinese Dramas are slightly relating both comedy and romance genres. That is interesting because we sometimes see it in our daily lives, and comedy, whether it will make us laugh or gasp, has relied on our understanding and experiences.

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