10 Mystery Chinese Dramas That Will Get Your Eyes Stuck on Your Screen

10 Mystery Chinese Dramas That Will Get Your Eyes Stuck on Your Screen
10 Mystery Chinese Dramas That Will Get Your Eyes Stuck on Your Screen

10 Mystery Chinese Dramas That Will Get Your Eyes Stuck on Your Screen: Many of us are interested in plot-twist stories because people sometimes pay less attention to the detail of the information. On the other hand, several people consider that every single thing, though it seemed to be unimportant, means a lot. More or less, that is the way detectives investigate any case. So here we bring to you 10 Mystery Chinese Dramas!

10 Mystery Chinese Dramas

My Roommate Is a Detective 

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, and Action

Release: March 24, 2020

Casts: Hu Yi Tan, Leon Zhang, Shane Xiao

10 Mystery Chinese Dramas: People are shocked when they hear news about a serial killing in the town. On the other hand, Lu Yao just finished his study and got back to his country. As a genius, police officers sometimes ask him to give some advice in some cases.

The situation gets worse; a serial killer who hasn’t been arrested makes people more worried about their lives. Lu Yao and the police inspector decide to create a group of detective to solve the case and ends people’s nightmare.

A Murderous Affair In Horizon Tower

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, and Drama

Released: August 19, 2020

Casts: Yang Zi Shan, Guo Tao, Angelababby, Lu Yu Lai

10 Mystery Chinese Dramas: Zhong Meibao, a beautiful cafe owner, is found dead in Horizon Tower. Two detectives, Yang Rui Sen and Zhong Jing Guo, investigate the case. Yang Rui and Zhong Jing gather the evidence from the crime scene and try to put them together.

Yang Rui and Zhong Jing find some possible motives for the murderer, which result in three suspects; Ling Meng Yu, the real estate manager; Lin Da Sen, an architect; and Xie Bao Luo, the security guard. However, the more Yang Rui and Zhong Jing conduct the investigation, the deeper they know the real Zhong Meibao.

The Long Night

Genre: Mystery, Drama, Thriller

Released: September 16, 2020

Casts: Liao Fan, Johny Bai, Li Ning, Tan Zhou

10 Mystery Chinese Dramas: An adaptation of Zi Jin Chen’s novel entitled “The Long Night is Difficult to See.” A case is on trial, the witnesses answer all questions, and the suspect gets investigated.

The judge named Jiang Yang has heard all things he needs, and the juries discuss whether the suspect is guilty or not guilty. However, Jian Yang finds that this case of murder is not an ordinary murder. So Jian Yang decides to do a further study and investigation, which takes years. Jian Yang believes that this case is only a veil to cover a big crime.  

Caught In The Heartbeat 

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Drama, and Sci-fi

Released: July 2, 2018

Casts: Jiao Jun Yan, Wei Da Xun, David Chen, Wang Zi Xuan

10 Mystery Chinese Dramas: Detective Tang investigates a dead body found in a forest. When Detective Tang takes some of the stuff from the crime scene, another officer gets a vision of the murder case.

The vision officer is Jing Gu, a girl whom Detective Tang met in a hospital years ago. Jing Gu uses her “superpower” to solve any problematic cases and even some cases that were left unsolved in the past.

Evil Minds

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, and Psychology

Released: May 8, 2015

Casts: Cheng Ruo Xuan, Wang Long Zheng, Fu Mei, Ken Chang

10 Mystery Chinese Dramas: A terrible serial murder happens to some students of a campus. Fang Mu, a brilliant man in psychology, teams up with Tai Wei-Lian to crack serial murder cases that happen on the campus.

However, the investigation doesn’t run well. The failure makes Fang Mu feel bad about himself and traumatizes him. However, the devils never stop possessing some people’s minds. The murder goes on, and the victims become dead bodies. Fang Mu has to find a way to forgive himself in the past.

Die Now

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Sci-Fi

Released: December 6, 2017

Casts: Ryan Zu, Olvia Jiang, Fabien Yang, Huang Yi Lin

10 Mystery Chinese Dramas: Xia Chi and Qing Zhi are in a good relationship and have nothing to be worried about in their life. Suddenly, Xia Chi finds out that Qing Zhi is missing.

Xin Chi immediately takes action to find his girlfriend, which brings him to enter a dangerous game called Die Now. All the players have to survive and use their power to solve the problems to get upgraded to the next level.

Ultimate Note

Genre: Mystery, Action, and Adventure 

Released: December 10, 2020

Casts: Joseph Zeng, Xiao Yu Liang, Liu Yu Ning, Liu Yu Han

10 Mystery Chinese Dramas: The journey of three young men, Wu Xie, Zhang Qiling, and Wang Pangzi, to reach the snake kingdom is meant to bring Zhang Qiling’s memory back.

The journey is not easy at all; even they often have to put their lives at stake. The obstacles that come to stop Wu Xie, Zang Qiling, and Wang Pangzi from their destination do not make them give up. They have to solve some mysterious things along the journey.

The Bad Kids

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Adventure

Released: June 16, 2020

Casts: Qin Hao, Dollar Rong, Shi Peng Yuan, Wang Shen Di

10 Mystery Chinese Dramas: Chaoyang, Yan Liang, and Yue Pu are teenagers that have been friends since they were kids; they three grow up together in an orphanage. Chaoyang, Yan, and Yue usually spend their free time playing around the beach.

One day, they unintendedly record a couple involved in a quarrel that happens to be too far. Unfortunately, the quarrel that happens between man and woman near that beach turns into a murder.

Insect Detective

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Psychology

Released: November 3, 2020

Casts: Gala Zhang, Chu Yue, Kyle Ma, Kiki Dong, Huang Meng

10 Mystery Chinese Dramas: Peculiar bugs appear to be the cause of many people’s death. Tan Jing Tian, a genius postgraduate student, get accused as the one behind that tragedy. Tan Jing denies that accusation and gets himself involved to investigate this phenomenon.

Tan Jing assigns himself to join a team that consists of a forensic doctor, chief of a police officer, and other detectives. The facts that Tan Jing and the team have gathered signify that the tragedy is not natural; it must be a set-up.

When A Snail Falls In Love

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Romance, and Crime

Released: October 24, 2016

Casts: Wang Kai, Ava Wang, Yu Heng, Xu Yue, Zhang Lu, li Long June

10 Mystery Chinese Dramas: When a snail falls in love tells about Ji Bai, a detective from the criminal division, who trains his new assistant named Xu Xu. Ji Bai prepares Xu Xu for investigating any possible crime that can happen anytime. Xu Xu does anything Ji Bai ordered to her; to enhance logic, intelligence, and even physical strength.

Ji Bai and Xu Xu get a case that seems to be simple and easy to be solved. However, this perception turns out when Ji Bai and Xu Xu realize that the case links to a chain of crimes such as drugs, murders, and human trafficking. 


These are 10 Mystery Chinese Dramas that we have reviewed. For me, The Long Night is uniquely attractive. The visualization of doubt, lies, fear, and distrust gets portrayed beautifully, so we can see them as if those emotions and feelings are alive.

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