Blackpink uploads a video on their official YouTube channel where they have messages for all the Blinks. The footage was regarding their upcoming Live show on 27 th December, the BLACKPINK – ‘THE SHOW’ MESSAGE VIDEO In the video, they explained how you could join the show by going to their channel and pressing the join button.


The show will get a broadcaster at their official channel and only available live for those who pressed the Join button before that. That’s not it Blackpink members also said that you could win different Blackpink merch and items by taking part in the “My Tag Event.” So Blinks, what are you waiting for? 

To get your rewards to go and join now and win Blackpink’s merchandise and singed CD’s or even Adidas jacket. You can also check out the Paybook app, which details are available there in the video description. At the end of the announcement from Blackpink, Blackpink closed the massage by saying that they are working hard for the concert as it’s been a long time since they met the Blinks family from all around the world. Even though they can’t meet the Blinks in person, they will still give their best for everyone that is watching. Blinks, get ready for BLACKPINK – ‘THE SHOW’ MESSAGE VIDEO on 27th December at 2 PM Korean time. 

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