Well, we all know how famous the K-pop genre has become in the past couple of years. The K-pop industry is a prosperous, dedicated, and hardworking industry. That might finally receive the respect they wanted to have. Now, while there are many singers, artists, and bands in kpop, there are few of them that stand out the most. So we will check the Best K-pop band in the world.

5 Best Kpop Band in the world 2020

  1. BTS

On number one, we have none other than the Bangtan Boys from Seoul, the BTS. BTS is, without a doubt, the best k-pop band right now. They are breaking records over records since their single Blood Sweat and Tears. If you want to start listening to kpop, BTS is perfect for getting addicted to the music genre. They are also the first K-pop band that won Billboard and got nominated for the Grammy Awards. That’s why there is no doubt that they are the best k-pop band in the world.

  1. BlackPink

BlackPink is number 2nd on our best k-pop band list; they are very close to BTS and might take over them someday. In youtube, they already have more subscribers than the Bangtan Boys. However, they still lack the awards and numbers when you compare them to BTS. However, it doesn’t change the fact that they are also global, and many of their videos have gotten over a billion views on YouTube.

  1. Seventeen

Well, Seventeen is also quite famous, believe it or not, their album Heng: Garae is the 2nd most sold album of the year 2020. That’s why they stand on number 3 on our best k-pop band in the world list. Probably one of the largest k-pop bands in the kpop industry when you compare the member’s number. They have quite famous songs where the group has stated its presence all over the platforms, whether it’s YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

  1. NCT 127 & NCT Dream

The NCT is at four, with its Sub-units NCT 127 holding rank three and NCT Dream having position fourth in the most album sold in 2020.  However, being such a vast group like Seventeen and NCT doesn’t give all members equal fame. So the subunits get created in both groups that are as big as them. So that’s why both of the NCT Subunits stands at number 4 on our best k-pop band list.

  1. Twice

Now, I know the group hasn’t sold as many albums as the GOT7 this year, but they still stand tall and more popular than GOT7. Plus, they are also the 2nd most popular girl group after Blackpink in Kpop. That is why, if someone is going to get 5th place on our best k-pop band list, in my opinion, Twice is the group.

  1. GOT7 (Bonus)

GOT7 is no doubt one of the best K-pop bands in the world. They do deserve a spot on our best k-pop band list, so here it is; GOT7 sold quite many albums this year. Now they are ending the year with a banger album GOT7, Breath of Love: Last Piece. They have surpassed TXT, Monsta X, this year and made the spot on the best K-pop band list.