BTS is the Times Magazine Entertainer of the year 2020! Army! Another achievement for us, Time Magazine has stated BTS as the entertainer of the year 2020. Wow! That’s what I’m talking about; we were waiting for this to happen for a long time. Finally, people see how great BTS are. However, the decision got made because of various reasons. 

So what made BTS the Entertainer of the year 2020?

The song Dynamite was released!

One of the most critical factors of this award was the song Dynamite, reaching over 600 million views in just two months. It indeed got BTS on the top, and it’s not far before it runs 1 billion views and wins many awards.

Grammy Nominations!

The first kpop group to ever get nominated for the Grammys. BTS has proved many times that they are the new rockstar of this generation and will bring everyone else down soon. The reward of all the hard work is finally here in November. They got nominated for the Grammy, making the first and currently the only group or artist from Korea to get nominated for Grammys.

Their Live shows and Army is helping with Black Life Matters!

All of their live shows in the US and other videos and messages had helped the Army to stand up against them! Encouraging their massive fan base stands up against that matter and talking about it.

So if we see this year, BTS did have quite a lot of success and inspired many people. So it’s not that wrong that BTS is the Entertainer of the year 2020.