Have you heard about the new K-pop girl group Aespa? I just found out about them, and they seem pretty lit. Aespa debuted on 17 November with their song Black Mamba which has gotten over 50 million views in just a week, not bad for a new girl group that just formed. They are working with SM Entertainment and indeed have a good future ahead of them.

The debut was incredible; Aespa is everywhere this past week, from KBS world to Music Bank; they are performing their song Black Mamba all over the place. I like how they have chosen the name for their group and also for themselves; it suits every one of them. Let’s see the list of Aespa members and some info about them:

Aespa Members Stats

Karina: Leader, Lead Rapper, singer, the face of the group, and leading dancer

Real nameYoo Ji Min
Birthdate11 April 2000
Weight45 kg
Height5 ft 6 inch
Blood typeB

Giselle: Main Rapper and Vocalist

Real nameUchinaga Aeri
Birthdate30 October 2000
Weight46 kg
Height5 ft 5 inch
Blood typeO
LanguageJapanese and Korean

Winter: Lead Vocalist, lead dancer, and visual

Real nameKim Min Jeong
Birthdate1 Jan 2001
Weight45 kg
Height5 ft 5 inch
Blood typeA

Ningning: Main vocalist, maknae

Real nameNing Yizhuo
Birthdate23 October 2002
Weight44 kg
Height5 ft 5 inch
Blood typeB
LanguageChinese and Korean

My take on the Aespa and the Black Mamba song?

I think the group is quite aesthetic; they all have energy, look good, everyone is pretty and slim, just like a perfect idol. I’m sure they can reach the global stage quite fast, and soon you will be seeing them on the world tour. Now about the song, I love the music; it’s been a while since I heard a song like that. The beat, lyrics, background, costume, hairs, make-up, choreography, etc. All the things were on the dot and looked great together, so in short, it was the perfect debut song.