OMG! The Queen finally uploaded the video of her single BoA 보아 ‘Better’ MV. What can I say? I was waiting for it for the Queen Of K-pop to show off her vocals and beauty. The video just got out on the SMTown YouTube channel, and it’s lit!  The hook, costumes, dance moves, and everything is on the spot. BoA Better MV is what we expected from seeing the BoA Better MV Teaser.

BoA 보아 ‘Better’ MV

My Take On BoA Better Official MV

I loved it! I love the Queen always, and seeing her coming back with a song like this was good. I love the step-up 3D type of water dance that they showcased in the video. I Loved BoA’s hair, costume, Vocals so much that her vocal for “You Better Than This” is still stuck in my head. The hook was itself very attractive and made me want to hear the song again and again.

The best part of the video that I loved was where BoA is on the field in a red dress; it makes her look like Beyonce. I especially love the see-through costume for that particular scene; in short, the BoA Better MV was incredible.