BoA ‘Better’ MV Teaser: OMG, BoA, the Queen of K-pop, is back! BoA is as big as G-Dragon in the K-pop industry, and the Queen is now back with her 10th album, Better. We are currently waiting; the Album will be out on 1st December, according to SM Entertainment. However, they always give us the teaser of BoA Better Official MV, and what can I say after watching that teaser?

BoA 보아 ‘Better’ MV Teaser

My take on BoA ‘Better’ MV Teaser

The Queen showed why she gets called the Queen; the teaser looks incredible. It has the vocals, cool dance moves, sexy costumes, lighting, and direction. Everything makes her look like the star she is; I can’t wait to see the full video by BoA. The BoA ‘Better’ MV teaser did tease me to a point where I’m now excited to see the video, and the beauty of Queen is still attracting me towards her.