BTS was on Cosmopolitan taking the Drip Or Drop? Well, they had a great time there and were talking about fashion trends. They were some exciting questions that Cosmopolitan gave them to answer. The group answered the questions like:

BTS Reacts to Their Favorite Fashion Trends | Drip Or Drop? | Cosmopolitan

Q. Who is the best dresser among the BTS members?

All the members shouted J-Hope and then also Jin’s name.

Q. Pink or Purple?

All the BTS members at once chose Purple!

Q. Red or Green?

With four out of seven counts, the green color wins!

Q. Yellow or Blue?

Other than J-Hope, everyone said blue.

Q. Plaid or Camouflage?

All said Plaid, while J-Hope was silent.

Q. Cotton or Linen?

Other than Jimin and RM, everyone chose cotton.

Q. Pastels or Jewel tones?

Again with four out of seven, the Jewel tones win

Q. Animal print or Floral?

Again with four out of seven, the winner is Floral.

Q. Metallic or Mattes?

Everyone shouted Matte at the same time!

Q. Sequins or Stripes?

Other than Jimin and V, everyone loved stripes.

Interesting right? However, if you think that this was enough? Then you are wrong. There are more to the video that you will see by looking at it only! Many questions are there that will make you have fun, and you can also see the BTS members having fun on the set of Cosmopolitan while answering the question.