For BTS lovers, there is nothing more soothing than watching their BTS idols having a good time with each other, and that’s what you will see in the new episode of BTS ‘BE’. Currently, BTS is shooting for their new music video and having fun with each other. You can see the video by BANGTANTV YouTube channel where they have shared their Vlog, or you can say Behind the Scenes of the shoots.

I’m waiting for thier song so bad since BTS talked about the ‘BE’ I was waiting for something from them, and here is what we have got. Jimin is looking as hot as ever, and our worldwide handsome Jin is killing the look as well. The concept of the video is the group enjoying themselves walking free on the streets, capturing their comfortable movements.

The set itself looks incredible and gives you an English country feels like you are in British, shooting an elegant movie scene. If you want to see BTS members goofing around, then you will feel satisfied with this video. We can expect another banger like BTS: Life Goes on this time as well. Let’s wait for the song to finish, and then we can enjoy another music by our BangTan Boys