BTS- Life Goes On Official MV: on my pillow

BTS is always one of the best K-pop bands, and now you can see them showing their angelic voice in a soft and sweet song Life Goes On. The song tells us about how things happen, and still, life keeps going on. You will see everyone getting cozy on the bed in the video; now there are two videos. One is the version that shows you on my pillow version, and another one is their official music video.

My take on the BTS- Life Goes On Official MV

BTS- Life Goes On Official MV

I can’t get enough of the voice of BTS, and when I say that, I might be talking for the whole ARMY. One of the things that shocked me was the direction by JungKook; it was so good! I know he always had an incredible talent, but this was incredible. Mostly Jimin, Jungkook, and V were excellent with their vocals. However, I liked the coziness of my pillow version better than the original cover. It’s just my opinion as I want to see them always together in one place and to hang out.

It does remind me of the song Spring Days by BTS; I wished for a song like this from them, and finally, they have given us a banger that we can listen to while going on a date or when we are having a romantic dance. Let’s hope for more songs like this to come from the singers in the future. Also, remember that We Love BTS, and We are proud to be an ARMY!!