Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear: Chris Evans is the biggest star, especially after the Captain America role. He has become the American icon, then everyone idolized and liked. The star now will be working with Pixar for their upcoming Buzz Lightyear movie, which he confirmed; yesterday, Chris confirmed this with the repost that he shared in his tweet. Captain America will now be a space warrior. 

We knew that now Captain America is retired and no longer will be working, Chris will get seen in different roles and movies. However, imagining him in a kid’s film as Buzz Lightyear’s voice is quite a delight and fun. Imagine Chris saying the famous dialogue of Buzz to “infinity and beyond.” The Buzz Lightyear is going to release in theatres in 2022 on June 17. I can’t even wait for any more to list Chris Evan as Buzz Lightyear.