ENHYPEN ‘Given-Taken’ Official MV just got out on the Big Hit Labels YouTube channel. The song looks pretty good, starting with a nice hook and melody. ENHYPEN makes an incredible and mesmerizing debut with this song. The video’s production and direction show a very similar BTS style, which is not surprising as they represent the same Labels. That also a reason the song ends up looking so good as it does. 

ENHYPEN (엔하이픈) ‘Given-Taken’ Official MV

My take on ENHYPEN ‘Given-Taken’ Official MV

Well, this was my first time hearing about ENHYPEN, and let me tell you that I’m indeed listening to them more from now on. It was great. The members look good and kind of give me the BTS boys vibes when they were young. For sure, the ENHYPEN has a bright future ahead of them.

Now about the song, I liked the vocals of every one of them, especially the way the music starts smoothly: it got me super excited. The dance was up to the spot, and it just got better with the matching costume they were wearing. They also bring the desert dancing in that, and it just made it more awesome! In short, from start to finish, the ENHYPEN ‘Given-Taken’ Official MV was a banger.