BTS just released a video of them doing a video shoot of Life Goes On MV. If you are also looking forward to {Episode} BTS ‘Life Goes On’ MV Shooting Sketch and want to watch it, you should read this article. You will see many things in the videos and know what happens when BTS shoots a video for their MV.

{Episode} BTS ‘Life Goes On’ MV Shooting Sketch

The video displays many funny JK and other members teasing and encouraging Jungkook to do his best as director of the Life Goes On Mv. You will also see BTS members playing football and doing lots of things together. Want to see BTS on a campfire? The video also got that, so keep your hopes high and enjoy the music video shooting sketch.

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However, my favorite thing about the {Episode} BTS ‘Life Goes On’ MV Shooting Sketch was seeing JK doing so many things as a director and making the video so well. He was also clicking lots of photographs, which you can see in the video; I have to admit JK is multi-talented and can easily do multitasking.

If you haven’t seen the music video, you should click below where I have discussed and showcased the BTS Life Goes On MV and The BTS Life Goes On MV: on the pillow version.

Watch BTS Life Goes On Official MV