Erotic movies on Netflix: Movies with sex elements are always exciting things for many people, but it doesn’t mean the film has no value. You can watch the storyline from the beginning and conclude the moral message. The visual, full of bed scenes, succeeded in playing the audience’s emotions and directing the audience to understand the real story. So to give you an experience of erotic, drama, steamy, and romance, we bring you the best Erotic movies on Netflix.

The 5 Best Erotic movies on Netflix

365 Days

Genre: Erotic, romantic, drama.

Date of release: 7 February 2020

Cast: Anna-Maria Sieklucka, Michele Morrone, Bronisław Wrocławski, Otar Saralidze, Magdalena Lamparska, Natasza Urbańska.

The first movie in our Erotic movies on Netflix list is the film 365 Days, adapts from a book trilogy novel by Polish writer Blanka Lipinska entitled 365 DNI. This semi-erotic film with an 18 year age limit tells the romance between a mafia boss and a career woman in Poland. Laura is described as a successful career woman but has a terrible love affair with her boyfriend, Martin, who prioritizes work and friends. During unfavorable relationship conditions, Laura met Massimo in Sicily. Massimo kidnaps Laura and takes her to his residence in a luxurious castle. When seized, Massimo tells Laura about Martin’s rottenness. He also allowed Laura to fall in love with him within 365 days.


Genre: Erotic, drama, thriller 

Date of release: October 10, 2014

Cast: Sharon Leal, Boris Kodjoe, Tyson Beckford, Kat Graham, William Levy

The next movie on our Erotic movies on Netflix: The woman named Zoe Reynard seems to have had a perfect life. A beautiful home, loving sons and daughters, and a rich husband. He lives with his mother and her family. Although her husband Jason was willing to have sex with her, Zoe was not satisfied. After having sex with Jason, she then accesses porn videos and fantasizes with a vibrator. His life changes when Jason gets busy, and he meets a client named Quinton Canosa, a talented artist. Eventually, Zoey cheated on him with Quinton Canosa, but unexpectedly Quinton had an unnatural sex life, and it broke his heart.


Genre: Comedy 

Date of release: July 16, 2020

Cast: Marie-Josée Croze, Virginie Ledoyen, Axelle Laffont, Waël Sersoub, Matthias Dandois, Victor Meutelet, Rémi Pedevilla, Florence Thomassin.

Erotic movies on Netflix: The Milf tells about three childhood friends named Cécile, Sonia, and Elise. One day, they visited the Côte d’Azur house to clean up an empty house for sale. In the city, they met young men and did many things together, such as going to nightclubs, playing on the beach, sailing, and having dinner. The three men love challenges so much that they seduce Cécile, Sonia, and Elise, who are already 40 years old.


Genre: Romantic drama 

Date of release: November 9, 2017

Cast: Nicholas Hoult, Laia Costa, Courtney Eaton, Danny Huston, Jessica Henwick, Esther Perel.

Erotic movies on Netflix: Newness tells the story of a love journey between the newly divorced Martin and Gabriella, who just moved to live in Los Angeles. The two of them met through a dating app after having a date that both ended unhappily. Unexpectedly, their meeting, which was initially just for fun, turned into a more profound feeling. The two of them then had a relationship with Gabriella moving to Martin’s place. Until that day, Martin invited Gabriella to his parents. However, their relationship problems are not over. Martin and Gabriella will still face various trials in their relationship, including some people’s presence.

B.A. Pass 

Genre: Neo-noir, erotic, thriller

Date of release: 30 August 2012

Cast: Shilpa Shukla, Shadab Kamal, Rajesh Sharma

The Last movie in our Erotic movies on Netflix list is a Bollywood movie that showcases a mature unhappy wife trying to fulfill the sexual desire with a young man. However, she tries to make a young man be a gigolo. The audience would see many sex scenes between the young man and the lady who seduced him. With so many sensual moments, it doesn’t mean the storyline of B.A. Pass is not attractive. BA Pass gets praised by critics and received an award as “Best Film” at Cinefan – Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema 2012.

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