GOT7 “Breathe Of Love: Last Piece” Released the First Title song, Breath. The music is quite incredible and looks good. Every member of GOT7 slews the vocals and choreography as they do in every MV. I would say it’s a pretty good start for their first album song, and soon we will see their second album song, GOT7 Last Piece.

GOT7 Breath Official MV

My take on GOT7 Breath Official MV

The Breath did take my breath away for a while, with each member of GOT7 looking super hot and calm gets me overworked. The hook was mostly so addictive; I can say that it’s one of the most addictive K-pop songs I have heard in a while. The screenplay was also on the spot, and the direction was pretty damn good. I love the White and Black theme, which they used in half of the song. In short, GOT7 “Breathe Of Love: Last Piece” Title song GOT7 Breath Official MV was pretty good.

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