GOT7 “Breathe Of Love: Last Piece”: Releases 2nd title song the GOT7 “Last Piece” Official MV, the music video just came out on JYP Entertainment Youtube Channel, and it’s looking fantastic. Every member of GOT7 was looking incredible. The costume was good, the make-up was spot on, and the whole video made the song more interesting.

GOT7 “Last Piece” Official MV

My Take on GOT7 “Last Piece” Official MV

As I was waiting for the song to start on the JYP official channel, my heart was racing lol; I was super excited for the track. I’m not a super fan of GOT7, but I like them, and it even got me all riled up. So was it worth the wait? Well, to be honest, yes! The song started with all members showing dance moves.

Then the vocals mesmerized me, and the lyrics were incredible. I especially enjoyed the transaction after saying “Breath Of Love,” and the hook where GOT7 goes, the “Your The Missing Last Piece” got stuck in my head.  The dance choreography in the video was outstanding; in short, The GOT7 “Last Piece” Official MV was pretty dope.

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