GOT7 just uploaded the Monograph video on their official channel; the video showcases the behind scenes and photoshoot for the cover of their new album GOT7 Breath Of Love: Last Piece. If you are looking for some stuff that you don’t get to see about your idols, then this will be perfect for you. The GOT7 Monograph “Breath Of Love: Last Piece” Ep.01 also showcased how Idols think about their style and other things.

GOT7 MONOGRAPH “Breath of Love: Last Piece” EP.01

There are some interesting questions that the cameraman has asked the idols, and you might get to know a lot about your icons, like their TMI, favorite food and drinks, what do they think these days, how do they feel about filing after a while, etc. So yeah, I would say you go and watch this video right now and enjoy the GOT7 Monograph “Breath Of Love: Last Piece” Ep.01.

Also, check the GOT 7 Breath Official MV & GOT7 Last Piece Official MV.