Japanese Horror film: Many people are happy and even addicted to watching horror movies. There are many horror movies in this entertainment industry, but Japanese horror films have been recognized for their quality and level of horror abroad. That’s why we got you the best list of Japanese horror films that you don’t want to miss!

10 Best Japanese Horror Film

1. Ring (1998)

Genre: Horror, Mystery

Date of release: January 31, 1998 

Cast: Nanako Matsushima, Miki Nakatani, Yûko Takeuchi

The first Japanese horror film tells a curse from a video featuring Sadako, a Japanese urban legend told to die tragically. The curse states, whoever meets Sadako from the TV screen will die tragically seven days later. Apart from being a terrifying ghost, the storytelling and plot twist in this film also adds to the tense feeling you will feel throughout the film.

2. Helter Skelter (2012)

Genre: Drama, Horror

Date of release: July 14, 2012

Cast: Yôsuke Kubozuka, Kiko Mizuhara, Lily Franky |

The next Japanese horror film tells a female model who undergoes a series of plastic surgery. She wants to be a popular and unforgettable woman. Eventually, this effort only took him to a dark and full world of dangerous things; plus, some of the series of operations he went through were not safe.

3. Cure (1997)

Genre: Horror, Mystery

Date of release: December 20, 1997

Cast: Masato Hagiwara, Kôji Yakusho, Tsuyoshi Ujiki

The best Japanese horror film tells a detective named Kenichi Takabe, who investigates a series of murder cases. The detective found a large ‘X’ incision in the necks of all the victims. Strangely, after being investigated, it was discovered that the same person did not commit the murders. 

4. One Missed Call (2003)

Genre: Horror, Mystery

Date of release: January 17, 2004

Cast: Ko Shibasaki, Shin’ichi Tsutsumi, Kazue Fukiishi. 

The film starts with a student receiving a voice message from her cellphone number, but the phone shows the date is two days later. In the voice message, he heard himself screaming. Two days after receiving the voice message, he died.

5. Kairo (2001)

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Date of release: February 3, 2001

Cast: Haruhiko Katô, Kumiko Asô, Koyuki 

In our next Japanese horror film, There are two plots with the same common thread, the possibility that ghosts are trying to invade humans from the internet. You’ll see suicide on campus, and a person who suddenly disappears without a clear trace, all originate from the use of internet access.

6. Tag (2015)

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy 

Date of release: July 11, 2015

Cast: Reina Triendl, Mariko Shinoda, Erina Mano 

Mitsuko is the only survivor from a strange incident. The wind mutilated the heads of all the school bus passengers. Mitsuko can survive because she was looking down to pick up the fallen pen. After that incident, Mitsuko experienced another series of strange and deadly events.

7. Retribution (2006)

Genre:  Horror, Mystery, Thriller 

Date of release: February 24, 2007

Cast: Kôji Yakusho, Manami Konishi, Tsuyoshi Ihara 

The movie showcases a story revolving around a detective that is trying to investigate a murder case. All the investigation leads him to discover many dark secrets about the woman that is always in red, and might be the ghost? Well, check that yourself by looking at this Japanese horror film.

8. Death Note (2006)

Genre: Crime, Drama, Fantasy

Date of release: June 17, 2006

Cast: Tatsuya Fujiwara, Ken’ichi Matsuyama, Asaka Seto

The next Japanese horror film is an adaptation of anime series. Light Yagami finds a mysterious notebook that has some power to kill anyone whose name gets written. He used his power to kill various criminals and bad people. While undergoing the action, he is accompanied by Ryuk, a supernatural being who is the book’s original owner. Over time, the number of names written has increased. He was also faced with various kinds of conflicts. 

9. Dark Water (2002)

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery

Date of release: January 19, 2002

Cast: Hitomi Kuroki, Rio Kanno, Mirei Oguchi |

Dark Water tells the story of a young mother who recently divorced and moved into a shabby apartment with her child. On the ceiling of the apartment, there is a strange and creepy stain that often leaks. As time goes by, it is revealed that the apartment they live in is haunted. 

10.Suicide Club (2001)

Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror 

Date of release: October 29, 2001

Cast: Ryo Ishibashi, Masatoshi Nagase, Mai Hosho 

The last movie in our Japanese horror film list is The film begins with 54 female students holding hands and cheerfully throwing themselves at a fast-moving train. After being investigated, a series of suicides that occurred turned out to be related to a mysterious website, a collection of deviated rockers, and pieces of human skin.

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