Kpop is a vast industry, with many talented kpop groups and singers; however, they all get divided into the boy’s groups and the kpop girl groups. The boy’s group even though the BTS and other boy groups are already taking over the world, bringing the girls from the world like them. The kpop girl groups are also not behind; they stand firm on an equal stage and take over the world with their music and arts. That’s why today we will talk about the most famous kpop girl groups

5 Most renowned kpop girl groups


On the first number of our kpop girl groups, we have the Queens of kpop. The most trending group that even has more subscribers than BTS on YouTube. Blackpink shines quite a lot, having few songs with over a billion views; they have gone from Korea to worldwide. They recently even collaborated with Selena Gomez on their English song Ice-Cream. They also have quite a fandom known as Blinks, which is the name given by Blackpink’s.


Blackpink is maybe getting famous for now, but the Twice has always gotten noticed. They even the most affluent kpop girl groups. Twice members have done quite a lot of other things as dramas and movies while making their music. It’s incredible how extraordinary their journey has been, and even watching their show and behind the scene makes you fall in love with the group more.

Girl’s Generation

The Girl’s Generation is a group formed in 2007, has won many awards, and has worked for different labels and productions. They are also known as SNSD, created by SM Entertainment. They blew up as soon as they got launched. Then before you realized they were quite famous and one of the most renowned kpop girl groups. They are not that active nowadays, and we don’t know if they will be making a comeback or not.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet is quite a massive name in the kpop girl groups. You will see them almost everywhere, and they also have a duo sub-unit of Irene and Seulgi. They both are the main rapper (Irene) and lead vocalist (Seulgi). They recently made a Monster song, which was quite successful. The group has quite a history with the fans, and they all still are loved and admired by many female artists and fans.


Apink is a well-known kpop girl group. You would have already heard their song of the year, ‘Dumhdurum,’ which was quite popular. The group started on April 19, 2011. After that, they just kept on growing, and now you can see them standing tall and being one of the kpop girl groups.

So, that was the five most famous kpop girl groups that are rising on top and continue to dominate the world with their music. Make sure to check the official YouTube channel out, and I will see you guys in the next article.