Famous rapper Lil Wayne pleaded guilty and got arrested? What happened to Lil Wayne? The biggest rapper is going to jail for taking weapons on a private jet while flying last December. The artist is guilty and will get sentenced to a decade’s punishment on January 28. Around a month ago, it all started where Lil Wayne got charged with this crime. Lil Wayne already had served for another crime back in 2007, and now this also.

According to Wayne, the gold-plated, shining, and beautiful 0.45 caliber Glock handgun was a Father’s Day gift. The rapper is not getting out of this, and he knows that too; that’s why last Friday, he pleaded guilty and accepted the chargers set against him. However, he also got charged with a drug offense by the Miami Federal court. 

As when the police officer went to the plane to investigate, they found cocaine, heroin, marijuana, different drugs, pills, and 26k worth of cash. Which made it even harder for the rapper to get out of the situation; Even though Lil Wayne hasn’t used that gun yet, he still will serve the punishment. There is a slight chance that because of his honesty and agreeing with the crime, the court goes a little easy on the sentence. For now, we can only say that Lil Wayne pleaded guilty and got arrested.