Movies on Netflix never disappointed you. Netflix gives you; Action, history, comedy, and always make things interesting for you. At this time, I will tell you the best comedy movies on Netflix that can make you laugh just like a mood booster. So let’s check them out:

5 Best Comedy Movies On Netflix

Kissing Booth

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Date of release: May 11, 2018

Cast: Joey King, Jacob Elordi, Maganne Young, Carson White, Joel Courtney.

The first film on the comedy movies on Netflix list is The Kissing Booth. The story begins with two friends, Elle and Lee, who have been going on since childhood, making them inseparable. Lee is a boy who always tries to protect Elle, but in fact, Lee’s brother Noah always tries to watch Lee. To maintain their friendship, they have several rules that they must obey, including that Elle cannot have an affair with Noah. But it turns out that Elle and Noah have the same feelings; Kissing Booth is a silent witness to their love. 

Murder Mystery

Genre: Action, Comedy

Date of release: June 14, 2019

Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Luke Evans, Adam Sandler, Gemma Artenrton, ShioriKutsuna.

After fifteen years of marriage, not once, Nick Spitz tries to spoil his wife, Audrey Spitz. Maybe Nick is not a romantic person, but he loves his wife. One day Nick tries to make his wife happy to take her holiday in Europe, which became the promise of their wedding. At one point, they became acquainted with the British aristocrat Charles Cavendish (Luke Evans).

The nobleman invited the couple to vacation with their yacht around the sea in Europe. Unfortunately, Nick and Audrey’s intention to enjoy their life then turned dark. 

Not only once, but Audrey and Nick were also later accused of premeditated murder. The motive is money because they are just a happy couple and hope to get the top vacation. One question remains, is it true that Nick and Audrey did this premeditated murder?

Set It Up

Genre: Romance, Comedy.

Date of release: June 12, 2018

Cast: Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell, Lucy Liu, Taye Diggs.

Another film on our comedy movies on Netflix that you should watch is Set It Up. The film Set It Up tells the story of a 25-year-old assistant, Harper she works for a former journalist turned editor in the sports media empire, Kirsten.

On the other hand, Charlie, a 28-year-old assistant who works for Rick, works in the financial sector. Both of them work in the same building but on different floors. Charlie meets Hepper when both of them get asked to buy food from his boss.

Harper met Charlie the next day. Harper is surprised that Charlie turns out to be working for an abusive boss who is so demanding. Charlie reveals that Rick has many good connections, and Rick’s recommendation will guarantee his financial success.

Coffee & Kareem 

Genre: Action, comedy.

Date of release: April 3, 2020

Cast: Terrence Little Gardenhigh, Ed Helms, Betty Gilpin, King Bach, Taraji Henson.

This next film on our comedy movies on Netflix tells the story of a twelve-year-old boy named Kareem Manning, smart and brave. Husein ran into problems with Vanessa Manning, his mother. Kareem doesn’t like his mother’s relationship with her new boyfriend, a police officer named James Coffe, played by Ed Helms. He wanted to separate the two by hiring a criminal.

The person hired is none other than to frighten, according to the storyline directed by Husein. However, the plan opened up a unique adventure for Husein. His meeting with a criminal made him find out about the criminal drug network and eventually involved his family.

The incident in the end also involved Caffee. From there, family ties began to build between Coffee and Kareem. The two work together to uncover and solve the problem that trapped him from Detroit’s notorious drug lord. From a series of events that gets passed with a funny flow in the middle of the two’s action.

The Package

Genre: Comedy, Adventure

Date of release: August 10, 2018

Cast: Daniel Doheny, Geraldine Viswanathan, Luke Spencer Roberts

The Package is one of the best comedy movies on Netflix about a group of teenagers that spend their holiday camping in the spring. But their event doesn’t go smoothly, and an unexpected accident occurs, and they have to race against the time to save their friends. The panoramic views of the American mountains color the entire film.

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