Soobin is a K-pop singer and the leader of a famous K-pop group called TOMORROW X TOGETHER. He’s known for his vocals, dance, looks, etc. However, if you think you do Soobin, let’s check your knowledge of the 10 facts about Soobin that you might know. If you have started liking Soobin recently, then you should check this article for sure as you will learn more about Soobin.

Soobin Body Stats

Height5 ft 11½ inch
Weight65 kg
Age20 years
Chest42 inch
Waist30 inch
Biceps15 inch
Soobin Body Stats

10 Facts about Soobin that you might not know

  • Soobin is also known as the “Cucumber” nickname. (Because of his Height)
  • Soobin’s former friends and classmates respect him.
  • Soobin loves almond milk more than any other dairy.
  • Soobin has a talent for being the spelling master in the group.
  • Soobin bias is the BTS Jin.
  • Soobin skin can stretch more than an average person.
  • Soobin has a dog whose name is Sean.
  • Soobin is also known for his education of improving his English skills.
  • Soobin at first messed up his in-person audition.
  • Soobin family calls him “Turtle” when he’s at home.