The K-Pop Revolution! How did K-Pop end taking over the World with their music?

The K-Pop Revolution! How did K-Pop end taking over the World with their music?
The K-Pop Revolution! How did K-Pop end taking over the World with their music?

The K-Pop Revolution! How did K-Pop end taking over the World with their music? “Everyone knows the Korean entertainment stage nowadays.” Korean entertainment stage, which has penetrated various continents, deserves to be pinned. 

Wonder Girls with the song ‘Nobody’ was popular in the early 2000s, followed by Bigbang, PSY, with the viral “Gangnam Style” choreography. Everyone is crazy about the euphoria of K-Pop coming from various countries, but their journey is not easy. Even some of the famous singers do not speak English.

Even the popular songs are not in English lyrics, but they attract people’s attention. Some say that Korean artists are so beautiful and boy band personnel who are now idol women. Behind the success, there are many sacrifices they have to make to get hit not only for the entertainment stage but for the Korean people.

How The K-Pop Revolution Industry Got Started?

How The K-Pop Revolution Industry Got Started? The South Korean economy contracted negatively by 7 percent due to the 1997/1998 financial crisis. This condition did not fail to make the South Korean government forced to borrow funds from the IMF amounting to USD 97 billion. 

To restore South Korea’s economic conditions and absorb labor, the then President of South Korea, Kim Dae-Jung, encouraged new industrial sectors. He pays special attention to new industries such as information technology and creative industries.

The South Korean government fully supports the spread of the Korean cultural wave (Hallyu). South Korea competes in the cultural and economic fields globally to fight against Western cultural hegemony and westernization by the United States. Since then, the government and the artist management sector have worked together to form the entertainment industry representing Korea.

Artist management spends an average of USD 2-3 million over 2-3 years to prepare and train an artist before being introduced to the public.

Early in developing the K-pop industry, artist management companies also hired many experts in the entertainment industry from the United States, ranging from dance choreographers to songwriters to talent scouts. Apart from being more experienced, this also gets done to transfer technology; this is possible because of its capital injection.

What Made Them Global? The First Time The World’s Biggest Stars Appreciated K-Pop With The World!

The K-Pop industry concerned the west and the world: In 2017, the audience saw the BTS boyband’s victory as the top social artist at the Billboard Music Awards. Until now, they have won several awards from the American entertainment industry.

Several times they have graced the TV screen of America by appearing on popular night talk shows. For example, the Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Plus, they have done BTS World Tour: Love Yourself concerts in North America have sold out in less than a week.

How Did It Affect the Kpop Revolution Industry?

The K-Pop Revolution!
[BTS] The K-Pop Revolution!

The effect of BTS’s achievements has influenced other K-pop musicians. K-pop increasingly has a place. Just look at the boy band NCT 127, who walked sweetly in a black tuxedo suit on his red carpet debut at the 2018 American Music Awards on October 10. Or BLACKPINK, which has firmly joined the American label, Interscope Records.

“BLACKPINK is a global superstar that gets created,” said John Janick, chairman, and CEO of Interscope Geffen A & M, as quoted by Billboard.

Massive fans are the main strength of K-pop musicians. For example, how powerful the Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth or ARMY, nicknamed BTS fans. They were able to make their idols the masters of social media (BTS became the most-mentioned musician on Twitter in America last year). ARMY’s power can even compete with Beliebers (Justin Bieber fans) and Swifties (Taylor Swift fans). 

How did they evolve the music and gain a new audience after so much attention?

The K-Pop Revolution: Blackpink has taken the world charts by storm with their hit with Dua Lipa. There are also BTS who have collaborated with Zara Larson, Hasley, and Lady Gaga. They are all top singers in the United States whose songs are in demand on various music platforms.

The K-Pop Revolution!

In Latin America, Super Junior launched a song with singer Leslie Grace and the Mexican band REIK. These two singers have good histories in the Latin American music industry. Moreover, their songs on the YouTube channel have seen more than 50 million people around the World.

What Makes K-Pop So Different than Other Music Genres?

The K-Pop Revolution: How can BTS and other K-pop musicians attract so many devotees? Most K-pop musicians, especially boy groups or girl groups, present a unique appearance. K-pop musicians appear as performers.

Before K-Pop singers become idols, they first become trainees. These trainees (known as trainees) are aspiring K-Pop artists who live, train, and perform together from 9 to 10. All these activities are under the strict supervision of the music label that oversees them.

K-Pop singers practice long hours a day. They also have a system of admitting someone from outside South Korea who can speak foreign languages ​​as personnel. Thus, K-Pop can be accepted in all countries and circles, especially teenagers.

What does K-Pop offer?

The K-Pop Revolution!
The K-Pop Revolution!

Attractive Dance

  • Mina Myoung, a dancer who is also a member of 1MILLION Dance Studio, shared about making choreography. Mina Myoung has created various choreography for Korean soloists and idols. Most recently, Mina Myoung was involved in the comeback project of former 2NE1 member Park Bom.
  • In a video she shared with the title HOW TO MAKE K-POP CHOREOGRAPHY, Mina said that a K-Pop artist always looks for good points that are easy to remember. Mina still chooses to combine the issues in the choreography with the aura in a song.
  • “I am one of the choreographers for a K-Pop artist in 1Million Dance, and I know it is very different. Because almost all K-Pop choreography always has points. K-Pop artists think that matters in choreography are essential.”
  • In making a choreography, Mina said she was only given seven days to make the choreography. The first process is that a choreographer must explore the lyrics. For Mina, she has to print the lyrics of the song she will choreograph.
  • The ability to memorize dances was tested when they had to remember all the movements within a few days—in most cases, less than a week. Mina admitted that it usually took her 2-4 days to make a choreography.
  • After finishing choreography, a choreographer will train the dancers who will be the back dancers for a K-pop artist two days later. Training will start at 10 pm, and it will not be known how long it will finish. Usually, until he feels the dancers are good at the choreography and arrangement of the formation.
  • This exercise is carried out in two days until the third day, followed by video shooting. Mina is also the type who is very picky and detailed when shooting videos because she feels that she is a representative of her dance agency, so she has to do it perfectly.

Attractive Costume

  • The two images clearly show that the Korean boy group, Super Junior, is wearing suits and clothes that are very good visually. REIK might look good in more attractive costumes, but unfortunately, Super Junior is better at choosing colorful suits. They seemed to be more prepared; they adapted the pattern from a Latin American culture. 
  • One image from the MV for this clip shows that K-POP artists care about their appearance. The right color combination makes Super Junior look very chic with his epic props. Apart from Super Junior, Korean girl groups are also famous because they always wear the same costumes. 
  • They were wearing the same color, the same style, and the same hairstyle. Not only for Music videos, they always look their best on stage. Changing hair color, wearing clothes with a specific theme, wardrobe with the same clothing motif, etc. On several occasions, they do not always wear the same clothes, but you should recognize that K-pop idol has the excellent skill to choose their wardrobe. 
  • Don’t be surprised if you see K-Pop idols becoming commercials for famous brands such as Gucci, Channel, Dolce Gabbana, BVLGARI, Dior, Burberry, Prada, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen.
  • Jun Ji Hyun is a K-Pop idol who became Alexander McQueen’s brand ambassador two years ago, while Rose Blackpink is trusted to promote Saint Laurent in public. Rose is often sponsored by fashion and invited to fashion parades. Red Velvet and Chanyeol EXO also did not escape the attention when they became brand ambassadors for the PRADA bag fashion brand.
  • BLACKPINK’s Lisa was appointed as BVLGARI’s global ambassador and appeared in one of its advertisements. Apart from Lisa, actresses Go So Young and EXO’s Suho was also selected as brand ambassadors. Kai EXO is the first Korean artist to become a global ambassador for Gucci and appear on the Italian brand’s eyewear catalog.

Incredible Body Physique

  • Becoming a K-pop idol involves intense training and sometimes plastic surgery. Euodias is one English-born child who has experienced the practice. She did not deny that since childhood, Euodias wanted to become a K-pop idol, then at the age of 10, she often auditioned. Until finally, teenage Euodias was accepted by one of the agencies; she had to sign a contract and live in a dorm for several years.
  • Before entering the formal school at 8 am, Euodias told the BBC that she had to get up early and get ready for dance practice at 5 am. As much as possible, a woman’s body weight is 47 kilograms; if more than that, the dance coach will shout someone based on their weight.
  • Very mentally trained since boarding. If it is too heavy, the hostel manager will eat less and even not give it at all. If their faces are considered not ideal, Korean idols are willing to do surgery to improve their appearance.
  • Even though it sounds torturous, many teenagers in Korea want to become K-Pop idols. When they already have a popular song, a singer must maintain their weight by exercising and eating high-fiber foods. Known as a bodybuilder among icons, Kim Jong Kook, who is active on the SBS variety show ‘Running Man’, is a picky eater.
  • He avoids eating sweets and fried foods to maintain his body which means the other members constantly tease him. He also eats chicken breast and will throw away the rest of the chicken part because the different parts contain more fat than meat.
  • Alcohol is terrible for your health, especially if you are working on getting perfect abs. It can harm your body and stomach.
  • They manage the time between going to the gym and dance class every day. 

Amazing Vocal Skills

  • In several posts uploaded by Koreaboo in 2018, a former trainee at SM Entertainment (the production house that raised Super Junior) has shared his trainee experience at SM Entertainment. Includes various training methods used to train their singers’ vocals.
  • “If you are late or break the rules, you have to sing while running around the practice room ten times.
  • You are trained to sing while doing sit-ups, and someone will hold your stomach to develop muscle and vocal strength. If you don’t experience any improvement in your vocals but have a pretty face, they will tell you to stay in the water and hold your breath for 5 minutes and keep you sitting in the supine ‘V’ position, and will drop the basketball into your stomach.
  • Practicing vocals 2 hours in the morning and 5 hours from the afternoon is the most crucial thing before recording. Vocal training is tiring because this plan is done after dancing practice.


The K-Pop Revolution: Becoming a K-pop idol is a long, tiring journey. The process is very torturous, maybe even giving up the good times of adolescence. They spend hours in the dormitory dancing practice, maintaining their diet, and not tasting good food.

The effect was evident when they were successful when Korean boy groups and girl groups became hits in several countries—the sacrifices they made paid off when they were successful on the international stage.

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