Toosii just uploaded the sexiest song; he showcases the sexual and loves feelings on his new track Toosii- Sapiosexual. The music is quite good, and the video direction seems super good, and you can watch all of that on the YouTube Vevo channel or Toosii YouTube channel. If I am honest, I don’t love these kinds of songs, but after listening to Toosii, it was not that bad.

Toosii- Sapiosexual

My take on Toosii- Sapiosexual

I would say that it felt that there was just too much tuning done there in the song, and they just did way too much with that song when it comes to vocal editing. I like the lyrics and the video, but I can’t say that I would listen to this song every day; it’s good for once in a while. However, that is my opinion for people in love with the vibes: Toosii- Sapiosexual might be the song for you.