The upcoming Chinese dramas in 2021 will bring back a colossal on your LCD. Step by Step Lotus, Son of Heroe, and Hakka is a great drama that you shouldn’t have to miss. The story background was great, a lot of historical knowledge, nice costume, shows a beautiful side of China. Meanwhile, friendship romance and action films are also an exciting storyline for you to watch.

Upcoming Chinese dramas 2021

In Darkness

In Darkness

This upcoming Chinese dramas 2021 tells a police officer (Xie Gang Shan) who goes undercover and is involved in the most significant drug trafficking organization in Asia. 

Unfortunately, he died in an accident. But the police captain has not given up. He has finally used new technology and implanted Xie Gang Shan’s memory into a death row inmate who looks like Xie Gang Shan. His beloved subordinate seemed to live again as if nothing had happened to him.

When he acted as Xie Gang Shan, he shot a criminal. That’s when his memory slowly returned. His identity and memories are conflicted; Xie Gang Shan is just starting to investigate his father’s death. He seemed to be a murderer while changing his personality. 

Then came a caricature expert named Shen Liu Fei, who looked like a friend but was actually up to something. How is the next story? This identity crisis is unpredictable and suppresses the mental state of Xie Gang Shan, who should have died.

Step by Step Lotus

Step by Step Lotus

Yang Decheng accidentally returned to ancient times and became the most illegitimate child in Ding Hao’s family. At that time, he must be a child who has no right to freedom, has no money, and becomes a driver for his half brother. 

His nose is not prosperous, the world around him is so evil, but he must face it smartly. He must free himself to be a free person and have the right to live as a human being. An upcoming Chinese drama 2021 was written by Yueguan from his novel Return to Ming Dynasty as Prince.



They formed a group of 18 rails of the Hakka family, led by ZhongMangchang, crossing Nanyang. They carry out many economic activities such as selling piglets, opening mines, and building commercial systems popular with the Chinese. Others have traveled across the Pacific to the Rocky Mountains to improve railroads for the Merican people. 

They risked their lives, learned to survive, studied technology, studied law, and became industrial civilization representatives.

After years of living abroad, 18 Hakkas scattered around the world returned to Guangzhou with the dream of revitalizing Tangshan and bringing an industrial revolution to China. 

Unfortunately, their good intentions did not go smoothly; they got forced to fly the corps banner. By swearing and dreaming of reviving their homeland, they started a new battle. They fought Japanese aggression, a long struggle involving three generations. If you’re curious about how China decent built civilization in Southeast Asia, this upcoming Chinese drama 2021 series will give you an interesting perspective.

Son of Hero

Son of Hero

Once upon a time, a rebellious and cynical son named Yue Lei. He fought alone and failed to kill Qin hui, until several times he almost died. Then, assisted by Prince Wu Chi and ZhongliangYishi, Yue Lei worked hard to find Qin Hui’s betrayal evidence.

He did many things, such as roaming the city and experiencing life’s hardships, until he changed his personality. But the Song Dynasty’s political interests from the South made the storyline even more complicated, and it faced a lot of chaos. Best upcoming Chinese dramas 2021 that you have to watch if you are the martial arts lover.

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