Yo-Yo Honey Singh just released his new song, Yo-Yo Honey Singh Ft Ipsitaa: First Kiss, and it’s quite lit. The song has beautiful scenery and screenplay. The singer Ipsitaa has done quite a great job on the hook and chorus of the song. However, that’s not all you get in this song; some of the relatively great dance moves are there, and the beat will make your body move!

Yo-Yo Honey Singh Ft Ipsitaa: First Kiss

Now coming to Honey Singh, well, he is excellent as always, and he keeps getting fit and back to his shape. It might be the next Love Dose from Honey Singh.

My take on Yo-Yo Honey Singh Ft Ipsitaa: First Kiss?

Well, the song is quite groovy and attractive to my ears; however, it was not the type of music I would want to hear again and again. It’s a lovely song, but I didn’t get enough from Honey Singh in this song, so it let me down. However, I’m sure soon we will see Honey Singh making his Solo music again with some Cray-Cray beats and lyrics.

It was all good about the video’s background and direction, and I think it couldn’t be better for a song like this. Although you can’t say this was a Honey Singh song, there were fewer girls, cars, money, and luxury than his other songs. I mean, we all want girls Surrounding Honey Singh like always. We want to see him near expensive cars and living a luxurious lifestyle like always. I know it’s a love song, but still, it wasn’t what I was expecting from the singer Yo-Yo Honey Singh.